Explore one of the most exciting books of the New Testament with early Christianity expert Sr. Laurie Brink as your guide. In this brilliantly taught Bible study course, you will gain powerful insight into early Christianity, the lives of the disciples, and Christ's mission.

At the end of the Gospel of Luke, the apostles are invigorated by the appearance of the resurrected Christ. Acts of the Apostles picks up where the Gospel leaves off, with the evangelist Luke narrating the spread of the good news from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. In Acts we find fascinating portraits of Christ's disciples in action, performing miracles and preaching throughout the world.

No other work in the New Testament includes such a literary variety, covers so great a geographic and temporal expanse, or introduces more characters. Filled with miracles, mayhem, resuscitations, and harrowing escapes, Luke's second volume continues to enthrall and inspire us.

You will approach Acts of the Apostles first as a written text, examining its literary aspects, before looking at it as ancient text, understanding its historical and cultural backdrop. You will also gain a glimpse into how the earliest believers understood and proclaimed the Gospel. Follow Peter, Paul, and the other apostles and disciples and learn about their mission that will bring martyrdom to some, hardship to most, and the Gospel to all.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Acts of the Apostles 101: How to Read and Understand Acts

    • The Acts of the Apostles 101 Guide

    • 01 Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles

    • 02 Prequel to Acts: The Gospel of Luke

    • 03 The Importance of Geography in Acts of the Apostles

    • 04 The Pentecost Experience

    • 05 The Work of the Deacons

    • 06 Saul Becomes Paul

    • 07 The Peter Narratives

    • 08 The Question of the Gentiles

    • 09 Paul’s Missionary Journeys

    • 10 First-Century Economic Interests

    • 11 Telling the Good from the Bad

    • 12 The Sequels: The Apocryphal Acts