One of the most celebrated spiritual minds of the twentieth century, Teilhard de Chardin was both a respected scientist and a Jesuit priest. He combined an evolutionary worldview with his commitment to his Christian tradition and Catholic faith. A pioneer in the dialogue between religion and science, he remains a widely influential mystical voice.

A restless spiritual seeker, Teilhard emphasized that the universe is unfinished, always on the move—and God, the Alpha and the Omega, is at its center. Teilhard will challenge you to think through the implications of God’s creative action being made manifest in evolutionary terms. As you will discover, within this cosmic vision lies a new mysticism—the ability to see God in Christ and in all things. 

With a remarkable capacity for synthesis, Teilhard invites you into his powerful, compelling vision of the universe. Join him on this mystical journey today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Teilhard de Chardin's Cosmic Christology and Christian Cosmology

    • Teilhard de Chardin's Cosmic Christology Guide

    • 01 Writings in Time of War

    • 02 The Material Universe and Embodiment

    • 03 The Eucharist and the Cosmos

    • 04 Mysticism and Spirituality

    • 05 The Mystery of Evil and Suffering

    • 06 Personality and Sexuality

    • 07 The Problem of Energy

    • 08 The Human Phenomenon

    • 09 A Spirituality of Hope

    • 10 A Vision Reviewed

    • 11 Treading Metaphysical Ground

    • 12 Christology Reconsidered