Gain fresh insights into the New Testament in this life-changing course by a celebrated Bible translator and Oxford professor.

Perhaps no other text has so greatly influenced Western civilization as the New Testament. And yet, it also remains widely misunderstood, even among lifelong Christians.

Now, The New Testament: A Bible Study Course answers your most important questions about its 27 books. Brilliantly presented by Fr. Nicholas King, these 36 engaging lectures give you access to modern scholarship on the New Testament. Fr. King’s original translations breathe new life into the words you have so often heard and studied, accurately conveying the mood of the original documents.

Above all, you will gain a fuller sense of Jesus as a devout Jew who was telling the old story of God and the People of God in a new way. And as Jesus preached, the gospel message is open to all. 

This scriptural journey will fill you with the excitement that pervades the writings of the New Testament. Embark on it today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Testament: A Bible Study Course

    • New Testament Guide

    • 01 Introduction: Welcome to the New Testament

    • 02 Starting with Paul: The Earliest Texts

    • 03 Romans: An Attempt at Being Diplomatic

    • 04 1 Corinthians: Dealing with a Divided Church

    • 05 1 Thessalonians and the Letter to Philemon

    • 06 2 Corinthians and Philippians: Different Challenges

    • 07 The Disputed Pauline Letters

    • 08 The Pastoral Letters

    • 09 The Evangelist Mark: The Inventor of the Gospel Form

    • 10 The Marcan “Sandwich”

    • 11 Mark and the Passion Story

    • 12 Mark .. and Some Question Marks

    • 13 The Evangelist Matthew: The “Schoolmaster” to Mark

    • 14 The Beginning and the Ending of the Gospel of Matthew

    • 15 Matthew: “The Gospel of the Church”

    • 16 Matthew’s Gospel and Judaism

    • 17 Luke: The Supreme Artist

    • 18 The Lucan Journey

    • 19 Luke: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit, Prayer, and Joy

    • 20 Luke and Judaism

    • 21 The Gospel of John and Its Prologue: A Different Approach

    • 22 The Johannine Jesus

    • 23 The Passion Narrative in John

    • 24 The Resurrection Stories in John

    • 25 1, 2, and 3 John: The Deeper Meaning of the Gospel

    • 26 The Letter to the Hebrews: A Great Theologian Talks about Jesus

    • 27 1 & 2 Peter: How to Live in the Church

    • 28 The Letter of James: Sharp Social Commentary?

    • 29 Acts of the Apostles, Part I: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit

    • 30 Acts of the Apostles, Part II: The Word Spreads to the Gentiles

    • 31 Acts of the Apostles, Part III: To the Ends of the Earth

    • 32 The Book of Revelation, Part I: Introduction

    • 33 The Book of Revelation, Part II: A New Heaven and a New Earth

    • 34 The Importance of the Old Testament

    • 35 Inspiration

    • 36 The Resurrection of Jesus