Explore the Fourth Gospel with one of Catholicism's leading biblical scholars.

From the time of its first appearance, the Gospel of John has gripped the imagination and the hearts of Christians. Composed towards the latter part of the first century, the so-called ""Spiritual Gospel"" presents a compelling and distinctive portrait of Jesus and His mission. 

Now you can explore this powerful portrayal of Jesus with Rev. Donald Senior, one of the world's top biblical scholars, as your personal teacher. You will explore the remarkable philosophical and theological understanding John kindled. Inspiring and beautifully written, the Gospel of John will move you to encounter the Word of God anew.

John the Evangelist paints a powerful portrait of Jesus Christ. Distinctive from the synoptic gospels in both style and substance, John reflects a unique type of Jewish literature and contains perhaps the most developed theology in the New Testament. As you move through its powerful Christological themes, you will truly see Jesus as the incarnate Word of God. 

Throughout the millennia, mystics and ordinary Christian disciples have been drawn to this gospel. It expresses, in powerful words and symbols, the heart of Christian faith: that in Jesus the eternal Word of God has become incarnate. In contemplating the person of Jesus, the Risen Christ, the disciple encounters the human face of God. 

Encounter the Word of God in the Gospel of John today.

Course curriculum

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    Gospel of John 101: How to Read and Understand Christianity's Favorite Book

    • Gospel of John 101 Study Guide

    • 01 Introducing the Gospel of John

    • 02 The Prologue of John’s Gospel as Its “Center”

    • 03 The Prologue and the Christology of John

    • 04 The Meaning of Discipleship in John's Gospel

    • 05 The Johannine Discourses

    • 06 The “Signs” of John's Gospel

    • 07 The Bread of Life Discourse

    • 08 Opposition to Jesus

    • 09 The Raising of Lazarus as the Summation of the Mission of Jesus

    • 10 The Farewell Discourse of Jesus

    • 11 The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of John

    • 12 The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of John