Experience this insightful course on the environment.

These 12 thought-provoking lectures will give you a distinctly Catholic understanding of the earth. As you explore ecological theology and environmental ethics, you will focus on the themes of origin, crisis, conversion, and action. Using Sacred Scripture, the insights of the Franciscan tradition, and modern Catholic social teaching, you will discover a holistic approach to God, humanity, and creation. 

For Catholics, the environment has always been a deeply spiritual and ethical issue. From the Psalms to Franciscan theology, the Catholic tradition emphasizes the importance of caring for all of God's creation. And with Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical on the environment, Laudato si', issues such as climate change and protecting the planet have moved to the forefront. 

In this powerful course, you will explore the relationship between science and religion, understanding God as the generous Creator who has entrusted us with care for the Earth. Then, you will consider the ways in which humans have forgotten this responsibility and how we can reverse the destruction of the earth. With this in mind, you will look at what the life of Christ, the Franciscan tradition, and modern Catholic social teaching can teach you about living justly and sustainably. 

Ultimately, you will emerge with a sense of renewed hope in the face of a global crisis. Embark on this essential journey through God's creation today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part I– Stories of Origins: In the Beginning

    • Gods Creation A Course on Theology Study Guide

    • 01 Science and Faith: A Holy Marriage Birthing a New Cosmology

    • 02 Creation, Covenant, and Community

    • 03 From Creation to New Creation

  • 2

    Part II–Stories of Crisis

    • 04 The Human Person: Partner and Protector

    • 05 The Human Person: Predator and Pillager

    • 06 The Human Person: Technocrat and Tyrant?

  • 3

    Part III–Stories of Conversion

    • 07 Jesus Christ: An Ecological Perspective

    • 08 The Franciscan Theological Tradition and Ecological Virtue Ethics

    • 09 Catholic Social Teaching and Ecological Responsibility

  • 4

    Part IV–Stories of Empowerment and Action: Critical Issues

    • 10 Wholly of Water and Holy Water

    • 11 Food for Mind, Body, and Spirit

    • 12 A Climate Change for a Changing Climate