From leading theologian and celebrated author of Everything Is Sacred: An Introduction to the Sacrament of Baptism, hailed by James Martin, S.J., as the "perfect guidebook for curious parents, enthusiastic newcomers, and confused cradle Catholics" and "the best book on baptism I've ever read."

The sacraments tell the powerful story of the Christian faith. Because these signs of grace are rooted in the work and teaching of Jesus Christ, the celebration of the sacraments is fundamental to all Christians. Now, you can discover the sacraments anew in this captivating course.

Join Fordham University professor Fr. Thomas Scirghi, S.J., in this illuminating series on the sacraments. Fr. Scirghi's deep knowledge of the sacraments is evident in this 12-lecture series.

With Fr. Scirghi as your guide, you will explore the origin of the sacraments through their scriptural roots and their development in the Church's history. You will also study ritual—how each sacrament is celebrated. Whether you are seeking to deepen your understanding of the sacraments or looking for a thorough introduction to the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, you will find this course invaluable.

This is a truly essential course for Christians of all ages and positions. The sacraments tell the Christian story of how we come to follow the way of the Lord. Discover this story today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Sacraments 101: Catholic Audio Course & Free Study Guide

    • Signs of Gods Grace Study Guide

    • 01 An Introduction to the Sacraments

    • 02 Baptism: We Are Washed and Welcomed into the Church

    • 03 Confirmation: The Pentecost Feast Still Burns with Tongues of Fire

    • 04 The Eucharist: The Lamb of God Frees Us from Sin

    • 05 The Liturgy of the Eucharist: Come to the Table, Take and Eat

    • 06 Penance: The Celebration of God’s Mercy

    • 07 Anointing of the Sick: “Are Any Among You Sick?”

    • 08 The Funeral: The Lord Promises to Raise Us Up

    • 09 Matrimony: The Sacred Covenant

    • 10 Holy Orders: Continuing the Call to the Lord in Service to the Church

    • 11 Preaching: Jesus Christ Is Present in His Word

    • 12 Sacramentals: Extending the Table of the Lord