With about 1.7 billion members and growing, Islam is the second largest religion in the world. But how much do you know about the complex relationship between Islam and Christian theology?

In this audio series, you will by examining the ways Islam addresses Christian teaching. In doing so, you will seek to remember what Blessed John Paul II described as the “role of the Holy Spirit in the process by which knowledge matures into wisdom” (Fides et Ratio, 44).

Your guide for this insightful examination is Prof. Gabriel Said Reynolds (PhD, Yale University), an expert on Muslim-Christian relations and professor at the University of Notre Dame. Through 21 thorough and enlightening lectures, you will learn about the history, teachings, and theology of Islam.

In this course you will examine Islamic works, from the Qur’an to 21st-century Islamic apologies, which address Christian theology. First you will explore the development of Islamic thought on Christianity in the Qur’an and influential Islamic works of the classical period. You will then see how Christians responded to the challenge posed by the new religion. Finally, you will ask how Christians—concerned for the proclamation of their faith and harmonious dialogue between religions—might think of the church’s relationship with Islam today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Christian and Islamic Theology: What Do Christians and Muslims Believe?

    • 01 Islam’s Challenge to Christian Theology

    • 02 Thinking about Islam

    • 03 Reading the Qur’an

    • 04 God, Prophets, and the History of the World

    • 05 Jesus in the Qur’an

    • 06 The Biography of Muhammad in Mecca

    • 07 The Biography of Muhammad in Medina

    • 08 The Hadith

    • 09 Islamic Law

    • 10 Christianity under Islam

    • 11 The Muslim Jesus

    • 12 The Christian Argument for the True Religion

    • 13 The Islamic Critique of the Bible

    • 14 An Islamic History of Christianity

    • 15 Thomas Aquinas and “The Reasons for the Faith”

    • 16 An Islamic Gospel

    • 17 A Christian Reading of the Qur’an

    • 18 Modern Islamic Arguments against Christianity

    • 19 Allahu Akbar: Understanding the Islamic Theological Impulse

    • 20 Evangelical Protestantism and Islam

    • 21 The Catholic Church and Islam

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