Are you or someone you know considering becoming a Catholic? Or perhaps you are involved with ministry and interested in knowing more about the history, theology, and process rites of baptism and initiation? This engaging audio course, taught by one of Catholicism’s leading experts, is just what you need.

Rev. Michael Witczak (Prof., Catholic University), an leading expert in liturgical history and the sacraments, will lead you through the scriptural origins, historical context, and practice of initiation rites. Designed for anyone involved with Catholic adult initiation or infant baptism, it is a perfect resource for pastors, parishes, initiates, family members, and sponsors.

First, you will explore the scriptural origins of the ritual for bringing someone into the church. Secondly, you will look at the early church, seeing how three sacraments emerged from the original ritual unity: baptism, confirmation, and first Eucharist. Finally, you will carefully examine the ways we currently celebrate these sacraments, deepening your understanding of the church’s practices. As you move through this course, you will encounter the personal journey to Christ in the church. What does it mean to encounter the living Lord? How does one participate in God’s gift of life?

You will discover the answers to these questions and many more. Through these lectures, you will gain deep insights into the church and its sacred rituals.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Becoming Catholic: The Essential Guide to RCIA, Baptism, and Confirmation

    • Becoming_a_Catholic_Guide

    • 01 Introduction: Entering the Life of Christ

    • 02 Initiation in the New Testament

    • 03 Initiation Before the Peace of the Church

    • 04 Initiation in the “Golden Era”: The 4th and 5th Centuries

    • 05 Initiation in the Middle Ages

    • 06 Reformation and Response

    • 07 Vatican II and the Reform of the Liturgy

    • 08 Adult Initiation, Part I: Becoming a Catechumen

    • 09 Adult Initiation, Part II: Catechumenate and Rite of Election

    • 10 Adult Initiation, Part III: Lent, the Easter Vigil, and Beyond

    • 11 The Rite of Baptism for Children

    • 12 Rite of Confirmation