Deeply rooted in Christian tradition, the 12-step program blends the best of spirituality with the best of modern psychology. Addiction recovery is only one manifestation of its utility. Under the guidance of Fr. Anthony Ciorra, you will come to see how the 12 steps apply to surprising areas of your life.

A renowned author, professor, and spirituality expert and recipient of the pontifical honor Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice given by Pope John Paul II, Fr. Ciorra guides you on a transformative journey towards freedom. You will deepen your spirituality as you develop a richer understanding of his profound approach to the 12 steps as a course of action.

You’re probably acquainted with the first twelve-step fellowship founded in the 1930s: Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA. But in this 12-lecture program, Fr. Ciorra shows you that the same principles apply to you regardless of your spiritual tradition or individual makeup.

You will look to role models such as John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and St. Augustine—all of whom similarly struggled with but ultimately overcame their dark nights of the soul. In addition to their extraordinary examples, you will also explore samples of moving poetry that will help you stretch yourself spirituality.

Sometimes described as a journey from your head to your heart, the 12-step program is truly a life-giving spiritual approach for everyone. By fully realizing the power of the spirituality behind the 12 steps, you will discover a peace in your heart that the world cannot give. Attain your own happiness now.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    12 Step Spirituality: Every Person’s Guide to Taking the Twelve Steps

    • Study Guide for 12 Step Spirituality

    • 01 The Journey from the Head to the Heart

    • 02 The Art of Happiness

    • 03 What You Desire Defines Who You Are

    • 04 Leaning into the Darkness

    • 05 Driving with One Hand

    • 06 “I’ll Do It My Way”

    • 07 Forgiving God

    • 08 Risking the Truth of Grace

    • 09 Falling in Love, Staying in Love

    • 10 Absorbed in Gratitude

    • 11 Pray as You Can, Not as You Can’t

    • 12 Homecoming